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Asphaltic Services Ltd - Metal Roofing and Cladding Specialists

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Products - Specialist Systems

Standing Seam Roofing

Standard Seam Roofing - Click to enlarge Kalzip Aluminium Standing Seam is a built up roofing system where the standing seam outer sheets are mechanically zipped on to a series of clips providing a continuous, penetration free, weathertight roof which can be used on structures with a roof pitch down to 1.5 deg.

Kalzip are the recognised market leaders in this field and have a proven track record over many years.

Teamkal is Kalzipís highly skilled network of independent installers of which ASL are a founder member. Installation of the Kalzip roof system is only allowed to be carried out by trained and approved companies. Both staff and operatives are trained at the purpose built training centre at Haydock.

The system comprises of the outer roof sheet, variable depth thermally broken patented clips to meet the required U-value, insulation, a vapour control layer to reduce the risk of condensation and an internal liner tray or structural deck.

The system can be modified to accommodate any acoustic performance requirements by incorporating other layers such as high density insulation, boards and flexible membranes to reduce sound and by perforating the liner to provide increased sound absorption performance.

The standing seam sheet is available in a choice of profiles, finish and colours and the flexibility of the system offers the opportunity for architectural features such as curved, waveform and tapered roofs.

Kalzip Nature Roof

Kalzip Nature Roof - Image c/o Kalzip The Kalzip Nature Roof is an advanced green roofing system that has been developed to provide measurable performance and environmental benefits.

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Boat Haven Control Building

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