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Asphaltic Services Ltd - Metal Roofing and Cladding Specialists

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Case Study - New Boat Haven Control Building

New Boat Haven Control Building

The new marina complex situated in Poole Harbour, Dorset, has now received a new focal point in the shape of the new Boat Haven Control Building.

An imaginative design conceived by architects, The Charter Partnership of Bournemouh, led to the building being created in the shape of a 'tear drop'.

The overall responsibility of constructing the structure and subsequently floating it into position in the Marina was awarded to Walcon Marine Ltd of Fareham in Hampshire.

ASL were called upon to supply and install the aluminium roofing and cladding to the structure, which is a single storey steel frame construction fixed onto a floating pontoon platform.

Due to the nature of the aggressive marine environment together with the high profile of the project, it was imperative that the building be specified and finished to a very high quality.

As a result the use of the Kalzip Aluminium Standing Seam Roofing System was specified together with a flat panel Kalzip Wall Cladding System, both manufactured by Corus Building Systems.

By using the Kalzip System for the roofing it was possible to achieve the construction of the circular front section of the structure by using tapered roofing panels.

Combining this with modern on-site aluminium welding techniques as carried out by our partner, MRWS of Worcester, ASL were able to fulfill the employer's requirements of matching a high quality specification and installation with a long service life.

Standing Seam Aluminium Roofing

Kalzip is an aluminium standing seam system designed for both low pitch roofs (minimum 1.5 degrees) and steeper pitches.

The aluminium sheets are fixed with clips which are locked into the roll and concealed by the adjacent sheet.

This means that the fasteners are positioned beneath the roof covering thus providing a penetration free system.

Various constructions are available to suit individual specifications and the Kalzip sheet is able to be formed into numerous configurations such as curved, wave form and tapered, making it ideally suited to the aesthetically demanding project as well as more functional industrial buildings.

Build Quality

When the new Boat Haven Control Building was at design stage the material specifications were given careful consideration. Due to the high profile nature of the project the designers had to ensure that a high quality finish and performance was a major consideration.

Additionally the building would be positioned in a potentially aggressive marine environment. This, coupled with the clients' requirements for a minimum life expectancy, led the designers to specify the use of the Kalzip Aluminium Standing Seam Roofing System for the roof structure and another Kalzip aluminium product for the walls.

This decision having been taken, ASL were then selected as the most appropriate specialist to supply and install the aluminium roofing and cladding.


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Case Study

Boat Haven Control Building

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